A large part of the program of the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017 consists of student panels. Here students from all levels (undergraduate, graduate, PhD, post-doc) get the opportunity to present their work and get feedback from other students.

Six time slots of the conference are dedicated to student panels, with three panels on different topics running at the same time. Each panel features 3 to 5 panelists who all present their paper in a short presentation. The sessions are moderated by a chair. All papers are discussed by a discussant, who gives feedback after every presentation. Finally, the audience gets the opportunity to ask questions or share remarks, making these sessions highly interactive.

Panel schedule (as of 15/09/2017)

Wednesday | 13/09/2017 | 16.30-18.00 | HS 1010

Panel 1 | Truth and Politics: An Introduction

Chair: Daryna Stepaniuk

Discussant: Linda Slapakova

“The state of ‘truth’ in the making of politics”

 İlayda Bal

 “Generalized Trust and Rule of Law – A Multilevel Analysis”

Frederic Gremler

“Truth and Politics: Beyond the Sign-Model”

Berkay Kabalay

Beyond the true/false dichotomy: Addressing the motivatedness of empirical political cognitions”

Filip Kiil

Technocracy and Populism: Responses to a crisis of democratic legitimacy?”

Anna Katharina Thieser

Thursday | 14/09/2017 | 09.30-11.00

GW2 B1400

Panel 2 | Post-truth politics in Europe and beyond

Chair: Adi Levy

Discussant: Karina Kurenkova

“To Lie or Not to Lie – truth and politics in Post-Yugoslav countries”

Gentiana Fana

“The Discourse on Family Policy and Shared Parenting in Germany”

Johannes Carl Busse

“Bien Vivir and Indigenous people from a counter-hegemony perspective”

Paula Bastone and Maria Izabel Braga Weber

GW2 B1405

Panel 3 | The rise of populism in contemporary politics

Chair: Magdalena Patalong

Co-Chair: Viola Schacht

Discussant: Anthony Medina Rivas Plata

“Why Donald Trump is (no) Populist and Populism is here to stay”

Anna Overbeck

“A Cloak for Radical Ideology? – The Rhetoric of Female Leaders in Right-Wing Populism”

Katharina Kneip

“A Pragmatist Approach to Post Truth in the Liquid Modern Present”

Isaac Robin

“About Post-factualism, Populism and Bullshit”

Emma Hoes

Thursday | 14/09/2017 | 16.30-18.00

GW2 B1400

Panel 4 | Political Theory

Chair: Shreya Bhattacharya

Discussant: Adi Levy

“A Study on Population Policies In Terms of Party Populism in Turkey Since 2007 In Relation With Foucauldian Concepts”

Aslı Şebnem Haliman

“Truth, Political Justice and Utopianism in Hannah Arendt’s Political Theory”

Ayal Yechezkel

“Post-truth: Has Donald Trump Deprived Truth of Its Power? A Foucauldian Analysis”

Kilian Schmidt

“The Conception of Truth and Power”

Gergely Rajnai

GW2 B1405

Panel 5 | Donald Trump and post-truth politics in the US

Chair: Karina Kurenkova

Co-Chair: Greta Wulf

Discussant: Emma Hoes

“Rise of an outsider Candidate in the United States Presidential Election, 2016”

Arash Ghafouri

“Representational aspects of a critical geopolitics of environment: Donald Trump’s posttruth and his ‘America First’ policy against the Paris Agreement”

Julian Reingold

“Trump, Orwell and Islam: Does Trump “Doublethink” on Islam?”

Massoud Ahmad

“Rejection of Truth and the Moral Vacuum of North American Politics”

Benjamin McGrath

GW2 B1410

Panel 11 | Social economy and community governance in South Korea

Chair: Anthony Medina Rivas Plata

Discussant: Linda Slapakova

“Social Solidarity Economy and State’s role: the Case of Sihwa Industrial Complex in Korea”

Donggeon Moon, Minju Kim, Yisoo Shin

“Analyzing Siheung City’s Social Economy in the Context of Social Welfare Service”

Sangkyu Han, Hyunkyu Kang, Hyeyeon Yoon, Euiyoung Kim

“A Study on Social Economy Suggestions for Siheung City in the Environmental Field for Achieving UN SDGs”

Yunjeong Kim, Hyungsuk Oh, Gangju Chun

“Exploring the Local Governance in Urban Regeneration: the Case of “Dongnae Management Station”

Jihyeon Lee, Wondong Lee

“Collaborative Governance for Community Restoration and Enhancement of Cultural Rights: A Case Study on Siheung in Gyeonggi Province”

Subin Park, Eujin Lee, Jiyeon Yoo

Friday | 15/09/2017 | 09.30-11.00

GW2 B1400

Panel 6 | Truth in foreign policy and international relations

Chair: Katharina Kneip

Discussant: Massoud Ahmad

“Building Trust in Foreign Policy Cooperation: Trust and Mistrust in the Making of EU Global Strategy”

Axel Nordenstam

“Uncertainty and Unknowns in German Foreign Policy Advice”

Elke Schneider

“Why manipulating truth? Official narratives and identity construction in the US vs. Iran confrontation”

Jacopo Scita

“When War Feels Right: Emotions in the Narratives of International Conflict”

Marketa Bajgerova

“International Politics of Historical Truth”

Byeonggeun Heo

GW2 B1405

Panel 7 | Civil society and citizen activism in a post-truth world

Chair: Ayal Yechezkel

Discussant: Max Steuer

Racism and Non-Violent Resistance

Adi Levy

“The anti-corruption protests in Russia as an element of civic and political discourses”

Karina Kurenkova

“No right less: the “# United Against the Coup” in WhatsApp”

Sérgio Silva

Friday | 15/09/2017 | 16.30-18.00

GW2 B1400

Panel 8 | IAPSS Student Research Committees

Chair: Oksana Iliuk

Discussant: Xiao (Alvin) Yang

“The practices of usage national cultures as a new approach of forming Russian propaganda in Europe”

Oksana Iliuk

“Does Objectivity Exist in International Relations Theorizing? Competing Perspectives on the rise of China and the current Global Order”

Xiao (Alvin) Yang

“The EU-Turkey Deal – A Rotten Compromise?”

Jessica Klemeier

Saturday | 16/09/2017 | 09.30-11.00

GW2 B1400

Panel 9 | From India to South Korea: Post-truth politics in Asia

Chair: María Bethania

Discussant: Florian Zabel

“Idolized president and solidarized supporters: Post-truth political fandom in South Korea”

Jeonghyun Jaylyn Oh

“Conceptual inquiry into Chinese and Western conspiracies, conspiracy theories and conspiracisms”

Niki Sopanen

“The Divide Bovine and Politicization of Myth: Cow Protection in India and the Role of Truth in Politics”

Shreya Bhattacharya

“The reversion of Okinawa: when realism lies”

Olympe Mattei d’Ornano

GW2 B1405

Panel 10 | Media and political communication

Chair: Berfu Tarcan

Discussant: Max Steuer

“The Changing Dynamics of Political Communication. How Donald Trump used Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election”

Maximilian Behrle

“Is Media a friend or a foe?”

Berfu Tarcan and Görkem Çeviker

Full Papers

The final versions of papers should have been submitted no later than August 31, 2017, 23:59 CET through the online form. The online paper room is available to all panelists, chairs and discussants as of September 5, 2017.

Panel Chairs & Discussants

The application period for Panel Chairs and/or Panel Discussants elapsed on August 31. For applicants to become eligible, they must have purchased their Autumn Convention ticket.