CfA: Coordinators for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017

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CfA: Coordinators for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017 is in September 13 – 17 2017! IAPSS is looking for enthusiastic students/individuals willing to accept the challenge of organizing this large-scale and global event, to address the IAPSS Autumn Convention theme of 2017 – “Truth and Politics” – to a large audience, to stimulate exchange between political science students from across the planet.

Deadline for applications: June 13th 2017

Are you inspired by the opportunity, have the motivation and capacity, energy and dedication to find the truth in politics? Then APPLY NOW to be the part of the organizing committee for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017!

We are looking applications for the following positions:

a) Convention Logistics Coordinator
b) Administration Coordinator
c) Student Panels Coordinator
d) Speakers Coordinator
e) Promotion and Fundraising Coordinator

Interested? Good! Scroll down for more information about the deadlines,  how to apply and more.

I               Key Outline of the Convention:

The IAPSS Autumn Convention follows the traditional two-component structure: First, an Academic Convention lasting for four days and providing an in-depth inside view on a topics close to the IAPSS’ annual theme 2017 “Meaning of Politics” by a variety of lectures, academic panels, workshops, roundtables, debates and fringe events.

II              Required Coordinators for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017

Working Methods and Communication

Our association is unique as our board members are located in various countries. Thus, cooperating might seem to be a challenge, but this generally works well with the use of certain procedures. Four tools are crucial: Email, Skype, Google Drive and Slack. Most of the communication takes place by email. Everyone who works for IAPSS has an IAPSS email account. Email can be useful for short questions, but also for providing updates on the status quo and progress that has been made. Regularly, the Executive Committee has Skype meetings to discuss the progress and deal with certain issues together. Finally, a shared Google Drive folder is used for in which all working files are stored. Thus, everyone has access to the work of colleagues, making it easier to work together and keep track of the progress.

Most of the work can be done from home without meeting with the colleagues in person, but the whole IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017 organizing committee should be present during the actual convention. It might be necessary to arrive a couple of days in advance already. A part of the travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed. Also, it might be necessary to visit the city where the convention takes place during the months that the preparations take place. In this case, travel and accommodation expenses will be fully reimbursed.

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017 organizing committee must be composed of the following coordinators. All the members of the organizing committee must be completely committed to work with the rest of the members as a group, so overlap and lack of organization will not affect the quality of the event.

a) Convention Logistics Coordinator (CLC):


First of all, venues need to be booked where the convention and all the different sessions can take place. For this, it is important to discover the different options at an early stage and make agreements. Often a university is a good option that is likely to support our conventions, but other options can be considered as well. A lot of communication is required with the institutions offering us the venue, to ensure that it meets with our requirements and has sufficient facilities.

Meals and Accommodation

In the past, participants in IAPSS conventions could book options that included most of the meals and accommodation. This policy has been changed. The participation fee only covers for the program. Coffee/tea breaks, one or two meals, and some social events, are mostly included, but accommodations and most of the meals will not be included, meaning that the participants will have to take of this themselves. Nonetheless, some support from IAPSS’ side is necessary. The CLC should inquire about good accommodation options and inform the participants about this by giving them several suggestions. This will also involve contacting some of those hostels/hotels to discuss whether any specific arrangement can be made. Also for lunch and dinner, some research should be done on options. Especially during lunch, it must be clear where participants can go (and there should be sufficient capacities). Possibly, an arrangement for discount can be worked out at some places.

Social Events

Whereas the Convention Program Coordinator is responsible for the academic program, it is the responsibility of the CLC to organize some social events in the evenings. Also, walking tours through the city could be organized for participants on the day of arrival.

Convention Guide

All participants will receive a convention guide that contains information on the program and all the different components as well as important practical issues. The Convention Logistics Coordinator will work together with the Head of Convention and Administration Coordinator to draft, print, and distribute these guides inside a convention bag which will include the guide and other practical note taking supplies.

Logistics during Convention and Volunteers

A final but crucial issue is ensuring that the convention runs smoothly and that all logistical aspects are covered for. Participants should be able to find their way easily, coffee/tea breaks should be arranged, and at any time, participants must be able to find someone to whom they can turn for questions. Therefore, a group of volunteers will be required to assist the present IAPSS convention organizing team in taking care of this. The recruitment, instructing, and coordination of these volunteers are important responsibilities of the CLC.

b) Administration Coordinator:


The Administration Coordinator is in charge of various tasks, including replying to inquiries from participants and interested students, preparing newsletters and other communications for participants, drafting visa invitation letters for participants who require them. Moreover, the Administration Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring all registrations and payments.

Convention Guide

All participants will receive a convention guide that contains information on the program and all the different components as well as important practical issues. The Administration Coordinator will work together with the Head of Convention and Logistics Coordinator to draft, print, and distribute these guides inside a convention bag which will include the guide and other practical note taking supplies.

c) Student Panels Coordinator:

Student Panels

The Student Panels Coordinator (SPC) will be responsible for the following tasks regarding academic panels. The SPC will have access to the online platform where panelists applicants will upload their abstracts and full papers. After the submission deadline, the SPC will have to reply to all applicants and inform them if their submission was accepted or not; always keeping in mind the amiability standards IAPSS employs. The submitted abstracts should be accepted or declined based on high academic quality that characterizes all IAPSS events, and obviously keeping in mind the main theme for the event. When all applicants have been informed about the status of their submission, the convention panels should be build based relevant topics for the convention main theme. The PC should build a complete academic schedule for the event, working together with the CLC and the Head of Convention (HoC). The SPC will also cooperate with the IAPSS Academic Department on the selection process of the candidates for the IAPSS Academic Excellence Award.

d) Speakers Coordinator:


The SC will be in charge of contacting and constantly communicating with distinguished speakers. The SC will arrange the speakers’ participation trying to always preserve the academic quality that all panelists, observers and guests expect from an IAPSS event. The SC will also coordinate the schedule that speakers will intervene always trying to adapt their presentations to the principal program schedule. Consequently, in this task the SC should work together with the CLC and HoC.

Social Relations with speakers

The SC should guarantee that the invited speaker is comfortable during the whole event. Consequently, the SC should welcome all the speakers and present them to the audience before their lecture takes place. Additionally, the SC should be in charge, together with the CLC, to prepare a volunteers team just for arranging amenities for the invited speakers such parking slots inside the institution, maybe a complete meal, welcoming speakers at the institution’s main entrance, etc.

e) Promotion and Fundraising Coordinator:


The Promotion and Fundraising Coordinator (PFC) will be in charge of promoting the event in as many ways as possible. These includes the main social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The PFC will be constantly active in the main social networks, encouraging students and the public in general to participate in the event (from 3 to 6 posts per day). The most important event information should be published on the IAPSS official social network pages every day. The PFC will be provided with the IAPSS mailing lists so he/she can also promote the event by sending all the related information to interested individuals and institutions, so the event has as much guests and observers as possible.


The PFC should work during the whole preparation period also in finding international fundraising institutions that would like to grant the convention with financial resources to help improve the event’s quality. If needed, the PFC should contact the IAPSS Fundraising Coordinator for advice when applying for these grants.

III       Eligibility Criteria:

  • Time availability: all applicants must have 5 – 8 hours per week to work on the organizing process. The workload may vary at some stages of the preparation process.
  • Timeframe: realization 13 – 17 September 2017;
  • All applicants should have 2 hours per week to participate in weekly meetings (Skype or prefered online communication platform) to update about the status of their coordination to the rest of the organizing team.
  • All applicants should be willing to be in constant communications with the rest of the organizing team (via email or other instant message platform) and help the other coordinators or any IAPSS member at the time they need it.
  • Good teamwork skills and the most important one, willingness to work hard and make the event outstanding!

IV                  Application Requirements and Guidelines

Individuals who are interested in working as part of the organizing team for the IAPSS Autumn Convention should send their CV and cover letter of maximum 350 words to stating the position the application targets to, in PDF format. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application as soon as possible. The deadline for the application’s submission is 13 June 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions and inquiries. We are happy to help you out and support you in preparing your application!

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the executive body of the association. It consists of the President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Head of Academic Department, Head of Events Department, Head of Congress Management and Head of the International Cooperation & Public Relations Department. Members are elected to this body at the General Assembly, taking place in April each year.

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