Call for Applications: Seasonal School Coordinator

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Call for Applications: Seasonal School Coordinator

Call for Applications for

Seasonal School Coordinator

of the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS)

Deadline: 6 May 2018, 23:59 CET

At the beginning of this year, the IAPSS Winter School on “the MENA Region in International Relations: Power, Politics and Ideology” took place in Tunis, Tunisia. The International Association for Political Science Students is launching a Call for the IAPSS Seasonal School Coordinator who is interested in taking over the position from June 1, 2018 onwards, primarily focusing on the conceptualization, set-up and realization of the IAPSS Winter School 2019, but also supporting the work on the IAPSS Summer School 2018. IAPSS Seasonal Schools have a variable length of 7 to 14 days, address groups of usually 30 to 40 students and feature intensive academic programmes with topics of high contemporary relevance to students of political science and related disciplines, allowing them to examine a selected topic in-depth and to extend their academic skills through research, writing and review with renowned experts on-site.

As an IAPSS Seasonal School Coordinator you will work online, focusing on the entire programme, the organizational/logistic framework and financial administration of the IAPSS Seasonal Schools. The Head of the IAPSS Events Department will be of constant support and assistance to your work. Generally, the position of IAPSS Seasonal School Coordinator includes the following main tasks:

  • set-up of the Schools’ programmes, incl. the conceptualization of the programme and its continuous compilation, in collaboration with invited academic guests (speakers, workshop conductors), the host institution and the Heads of the IAPSS Events and the IAPSS Academic Departments;
  • set-up of the Schools’ budgets and their continuous administration before, during and after the successful realization of the Schools, in collaboration with the Head of the IAPSS Events Department and the IAPSS Treasurer;
  • set-up of Call for Applications as well as the registration and selection process of applications for participation;
  • set-up of all logistical and administrative arrangements, incl. accommodation during the Schools, featured social and cultural side events, visa support to participants in need of permits/visas, planning of arrival and departure as well as on-site transportation and the preparation of materials related to the Schools;
  • co-coordination of the Seasonal Schools on-site together with additional members of the IAPSS Events Department and the IAPSS Executive Committee.

The position requires:

  • a high degree of mutual responsibility, motivation, self-initiative and dedication, combined with reliability and flexibility with regards to the work in  a highly international environment with a strong intercultural competence;
  • excellent command of the English language (spoken and written);
  • strong communicative skills as internal communication usually takes place through channels like e-mail and Skype;
  • experience in and willingness to work with a high degree of organizational and conceptual freedom, but punctual and committed to adhere to work-related frameworks.

Framework of the position:

The position is – as all other positions within IAPSS – voluntary and unpaid, and extends until the end of the upcoming legislative mandate of the Association (June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019), with the option of extension upon mutual satisfaction of the position-holder and the IAPSS Board and Executive Committee. In addition, occupying the position implies that you are a member of IAPSS at the moment of your instalment and during your whole term as Seasonal School Coordinator. Therefore, if you are not already a member you will be required to purchase membership in case of acceptance.

The expected workload of the position is around 10 hours per week. Benefits of the position:

  • Membership in the Board of the world’s largest international association representing students of political science and related disciplines;
  • partial or full (budget allowing) reimbursement of travel expenses to IAPSS events and meetings with partners (subject to approval by the IAPSS Executive Committee);
  • valuable work experience for future career;
  • contribution to the strengthening of equal opportunities for professional and personal growth of students of social sciences from all over the world, regardless of their financial situation;
  • certificate of recognition or letter of recommendation by the Head of IAPSS Events Department upon responsible fulfilment of assigned tasks.

Does this job appeal to you? Then apply NOW!

Please send your CV and a letter of motivation (max. 2 pages) to no later than 6 May 2018, 23:59 CET.

All applicants will be notified within 7 working days from 6 May 2018, 23:59 CET. Selected candidates will be invited for a Skype interview.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions or inquiries.

IAPSS Executive Committee

Postbox 9108, 6500HK | Nijmegen | The Netherlands | |

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the executive body of the association. It consists of the President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Head of the Academic Department, Head of the Events Department, Head of World Congress, Head of Convention and Head of the International Cooperation & Public Relations Department. Members are normally elected to this body at the General Assembly, taking place in April each year.

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