2014: Limits to Global Governance

Following a decision of the IAPSS Executive Committee made during its half-annual meeting in Rome in March 2013, the IAPSS Annual Theme for 2014 has been set for “Limits to Global Governance”.

The theme has been applied and since acting as thematic academic framework for all IAPSS events (the IAPSS World Congress 2014, the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2014 as well as the IAPSS Study Trips in 2014) and selected IAPSS publications (POLITIKON, ADV) – each to a different extent.

On The Theme

With the technological advances that the 21st century has already seen and will see, the world has set out on a path towards full globalisation of economic and social processes. Politics does not lag behind these processes and governmental institutions of traditional nation-states make way for institutions of a transnational, globalised character. The institutions of global governance, such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, or the International Criminal Court, have already been given substantial powers by which they can influence world politics.

Where are the limits of these powers? Are there any inherent limitations to global governance, we should recognise? Or should the process towards one-world government 0be directed towards a future, where all important national institutions will eventually be replaced by global institutions, universal to all people?