Academic Department Appreciation

On this page, you can find the names of all people who contributed to the quality of work done in the Academic Department of the IAPSS since the organization’s restart in 2012.

NB: This list is updated only as of end of 2017, therefore, some individuals who have contributed to the work in the Department in late 2017 and 2018 might be missing. The list will be updated again by the end of 2018. In case of IAPSS SRCs, the list only includes SRC Alumni. For the lists of current members, please visit the respective section of the website.

Arbër Ahmeti ADV Author
Abdalhadi Alijla Journals Reviewer
Andreea Apostol SRC on European Politics, Interim Chair 2016
Ahmed Badawi ADV Author 2014-16
Caitlin Bagby Politikon Editor 2013-15, Politikon Editor-in-Chief 2015-16
Jaroslava Barbieri Politikon Editor-in-Chief 2016, 2017
Lorand Bodo Politikon Editor 2016, Acting Editor-in-Chief 2017, Chair of SRC on Conflict and Security Studies 2015-17
Donatella Bonansinga ADV Author, Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2017
Astrid Botticher Journals Reviewer
Dylan Cassar ADV Author 2015-16
Luca Chao ELA Editor 2014-16
Mihai Chihaia Delegations Coordinator 2015-
Rebecca Cordell ADV Author
Oana Crusmac Vice-Chair of SRC on Human Rights & Gender Studies 2016-2017
Melany Cruz ELA Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017
Jelena Cupac Journals Reviewer
Erik Davtyan Journals Reviewer
Sergiu Delcea ADV Author
Kirstie Lynn Dobbs Chair of SRC on Comparative Politics 2016-2017
Frosina Doninovska ADV Author
Adelin Dumitru Journals Reviewer
Paulo Duarte ELA Editor 2016-2017, Editor-in-Chief 2017-
Jaanika Erne Journals Reviewer
Ana Magdalena Figueroa Politikon Editor 2017-
Mária Gajarská Kučerová Chair of SRC on Conflict and Security Studies 2015-16
Jamila Glover Academic Coordinator 2017-
Tomas Goldstein ELA Editor 2014-16
Reint-Jan Groot Nuelend Politikon Editor 2012-14
Charlotte Hammer Academic Think Tank Coordinator 2015-17
Oksana Iliuk Student Research Committees Coordinator 2017-
Soksamphoas Im SRC on Conflict and Security Studies 2015-16
Simona Jakubynaite Journals Reviewer
John Raymond Jison ADV Editor-in-Chief 2013-15
Peter Kiraly Politikon Editor 2013-16
Stephanie Kramer ADV Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2015-2016, Editor-in-Chief 2016-
Eleni Krikeli SRC on European Politics 2016, Student Research Committees Coordinator 2016-2017
Rejene Tan Lakibul Journals Reviewer
Alba Lanau Journals Reviewer
Lucie Laplace ELA Editor 2016-2017
Hojun Lee Student Research Committees Coordinator 2015
Gustav Liden Journals Reviewer
Justinas Lingevičus Politikon Editor 2016-
Marija Lobanova Journals Reviewer
Yasmine Mandour Journals Reviewer
Aya Marovt SRC on Human Rights & Gender Studies 2015-16
Hakan Mehmetcik ADV Author
Augustinus Mohn Chair of SRC on Human Rights & Gender Studies 2015-16
Stefan Mrvaljevic ADV Author
Andrijana Nikic Politikon Editor 2012-14
Arturo Medrano Carmona Journals Reviewer
Joshua Manalo ADV Author
Yasmine Mandour SRC on Human Rights & Gender Studies 2015-16
Alice Martini Politikon Editor 2016-17, Vice-Chair of SRC on Politics in the MENA Region 2016-17
Hakan Mehmetcik ADV Author
José Manuel Mejia ELA Editor 2014-17
Eltion Meka Politikon Editor 2014-16
Michael Valdivieso Munoz ADV Editor-in-Chief 2015-16
Anais Passos ELA Editor 2014-16
Ioana Patrichi ADV Author
Raquel Bosó Pérez SRC on Human Rights & Gender Studies 2015-16
Guilherme Pires Arbache ADV Author
Rafael Plancarte Politikon Editor 2016-
Anthony Medina Rivas Plata ELA Editor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2017-
Yuri R. S. Ramirez ADV Author
Andrés López Rivera Politikon Editor 2016-
Scott Romaniuk Journals Reviewer
Caroline Ronsin Politikon Editor 2014-16
Panagiotis N. Samatas Vice-Chair of SRC on EU Law and Politics, 2016-17
Francisco Santos ADV Author
Mikheil Shavtvaladze Journals Reviewer
Vit Simral Politikon Editor-in-Chief 2014-15, Head of Department 2014-16
Jacek Sobanski ADV Author
Astrid Sormani Vice-Chair of SRC on Conflict and Security Studies 2015-16
Max Steuer Student Research Committees Coordinator 2015-16, Head of Department 2016-
Igor Stipic ADV Author
Florian Stolpe Journals Reviewer
Raquel Tebaldi Journals Reviewer
Luis Tellez ELA Editor 2014-16
Pinar Temocin SRC on International Relations Theory 2016-17
Igor Tkalec ADV Author
Jan Tudovic ADV Author
Gergana Tzvetkova Chair of SRC on International Relations Theory 2015-17, Politikon Editor 2017-
Laurens J. Visser Politikon Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2015-16
Jose Carlos Valencia ELA Editor 2014-17
David Vasquez ELA Editor-in-Chief 2014-15
Davide Maria Vavassori Journals Reviewer
Rodrigo Vaz Politikon Editor-in-Chief 2012-14, Head of Department 2012-14
Alberto Veléz ELA Editor 2016-2017, Vice-Chair of SRC on International Law and Governance (2015-2017)
Alexandru Volacu Head of Department 2014