25th IPSA World Congress

Brisbane, Australia, 21st – 25th July, 2018

‘Borders and Margins’

More information to follow soon.

59th ISA Annual Convention

San Francisco, California, USA,  4th – 7th April, 2018

‘The Power of Rules and Rule of Power’

More information to follow soon.


11th ECPR General Conference

University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway,  6th – 9th September, 2017

IAPSS Section on ‘The Meaning of Politics

This Section aims to improve our understanding of politics in a variety of contexts in the contemporary society. While the outputs of the ‘science about politics’ have proliferated in recent decades with a great deal of conceptual and methodological innovations, defining what politics is and how its understanding influences the results and limitations of political research has been a rather neglected enterprise. The Section aims at filling this gap by bringing to the forefront of the academic discussion a spectrum of ideas and interpretations that address the meaning(s) of politics and their implications on results of research in political science and related disciplines.

This Section would be promoted and chaired by members of the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) with substantial experience in organizing and managing academic conferences, including the annual IAPSS World Congress. It carries the title of the 2017 IAPSS Annual Theme and includes three Section chair-proposed Panels, while being open to Panel proposals from ECPR members. The design of the Panels intends to stimulate dialogue and academic exchange between senior scholars and young academics (post-docs, postgraduate and experienced graduate students).