12th ECPR General Conference

Hamburg, Germany, 22th – 25th August, 2018

IAPSS Section on ‘The Promises and Perils of Globalization

The phenomenon of globalization is one of the most contested ones of our age. This Section aims to subject to critical scrutiny the ways in which it is understood in selected contexts as well as its relationship to selected other phenomena, such as justice, equality, and diversity. Answering specific research questions linked to how increasing interconnectedness contributes to, or hinders, the spread of values commonly related to democratic societies promises to:

• gain a better understanding of the concept and elements of globalization;
• identify practical solutions to the problems posed by globalization, that may rest in individual participation and engagement, as well as policy-making actions and implementation of policy measures on the ground;
• critically reflect on scholarship arguing for the benefits triggered by globalization, but also on the rejection of these benefits by the critics of globalization;
• question the very existence of globalization in areas spatially or temporarily determined.

Thus, an additional expected contribution of the Section rests in identifying the lack of globalization, as commonly understood by, for instance, Anthony Giddens, in areas where one would expect it to flourish.


60th ISA Annual Convention

Toronto, Canada, 27th – 30th March, 2019

‘Re-visioning International Studies: Innovation and Progress’

Under preparation, more information in autumn 2018.

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