Politikon is the flagship publication of the International Association for Political Science Students. It publishes papers submitted by undergraduate and graduate students with the usual frequency of four issues per year.

Politikon publishes:

  • Full academic papers with original research based on new primary data or review of existing literature with strong personal input (see Instructions for Authors) and the length of up to 6,000 words
  • Research notes based on field work notes, raw data and observations with first level of analysis and the length of up to 2,000 words
  • Book reviews of the length of up to 600 words.

Papers for publication are accepted on a continuous basis. The next deadline for submissions to an individual issue is 15 August 2018. Subsequent, preliminarily scheduled deadlines are 15 November 2018 and 15 February 2019. All articles should respect the formal structure and all requirements stated in the “Instructions for Authors” subsection of IAPSS Publications. The Editorial Board will contact the authors in order to communicate results of each evaluation (1st Editorial Board Evaluation, 2nd Peer Review), proposed changes and the planned date of publication.

Submissions are to be sent exclusively in electronic format to politikonjournal@iapss.org.

The Editorial Board will not evaluate articles by authors who already (co-)authored other articles currently under evaluation. Articles published or under consideration in another publication or publishing platform will not be considered. Disseminating final articles published in Politikon through publicly accessible institutional and/or centrally organised repositories (such as SSRN, ResearchGate, Academia) is allowed three months after publication the earliest and provided that a link is inserted to the respective article at Politikon’s website.

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