Student Research Committees Overview


  • Those interested in becoming a member of an IAPSS SRC may apply throughout the year; in addition, targeted calls for applications may be sent out occasionally (please see the Call for Applications for further information);
  • There is no need for having a clear research idea when applying to an IAPSS SRC, but new members are reminded that they are encouraged to develop a research idea or collaboration with other SRC members early during the course of their membership; this may include cross-committee collaboration with members from other SRCs;
  • The scope of research to be conducted within each SRC is generally broad, but it should be related to its main theme to some extent;
  • Applicants are welcome from all levels of study; IAPSS membership is necessary in case of a positive outcome of an application;
  • Selection of new members is left to the discretion of the SRC, in cooperation with the SRC Coordinator.

Roles of Chair and Vice Chair

  • The Chair is responsible for organising, keeping track and ensuring the timely execution of the SRC’s work flow; in addition, the Chair is the main point of contact for IAPSS, especially the SRC Coordinator;
  • The Vice Chair supports the Chair in the above tasks;
  • The Chair may give general advice on members’ research (as may all other members), but the Chair’s role is primarily a coordinative one; the Chair – in essence – is a regular member of the SRC with extended organisational responsibilities;
  • Elections for the roles of Chair and Vice Chair are generally to be held every year by the end of March, so that the new Chair and Vice Chair can commence their work by April of the same year; election outcomes are to be approved by IAPSS SRC Coordinator, in cooperation with the Head of the Academic Department.