The Student Research Committee on Comparative Politics conducts research in broad range of topics including but not limited to comparative political party systems, electoral studies, political elites, and comparative conflict studies. The committee has a strong interest in specific geographical and spatial research areas, such as Latin America and periods of organize crime, and Korean and Japanese party politics under the American occupation.

In the year 2015/16, our committee members are attending IAPSS World Congress in Berlin, ECPR Graduate Student Conference in Tartu and also ECPR General Conference in Prague.  Due to the wide range of interests of its members, this year the committee takes a closer look into the diverse topics of East Asia regionalism and Constructivism, Peruvian Politics, decentralization studies, and federalism. Our committee will benefit from interdisciplinary research and be in close cooperation with other Student Research Committees.

The SRC on Comparative Politics serves as a shared platform for discussing research ideas, and facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation. Our members enjoy a multicultural research atmosphere and critical perspectives from different backgrounds and research interests.


Yann Aoudourm, 13Chair of the SRC

Aoudourm Yann is a senior undergraduate student (finished all courses but capstone) majoring in Political Science at the Department of Social Science and International Relations (SSIR), Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC). He has completed a series of political courses when he executively undertook his scholarship-exchange programs at Silla University, Republic of South Korea and Presbyterian College, USA. Academically, he earlier was research assistant to a lecturer for a project called “Violence against Children in Cambodia”, a project of UNICEF/CORAM and research consultant for a team of researchers from Columbia University/USAID for another project named “Children out of Family Care.” His areas of interests center on East & Southeast Asia Region in particular regionalism, military strategies and defenses, political culture and socialization, comparative political systems and regimes and diplomacy.

Tobi Adewunmi, Vice-Chair of the SRC

Oluwatobiloba Daniel Adewunmi is an Egba-AG Leventis Scholar and Junior Fellow with the French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA). He is currently a Doctoral Student at the Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His research interests span across contemporary issues in Urban and Area Politics, Environmental Politics/Policy, African and Subaltern Studies, Political Sociology and Methodology. He has co-authored a paper titled ‘Between Climate Change Narratives and Policy Options: The Choice of Developing a Sustainable Development Agenda for Nigeria’. Tobi is a passionate researcher and development volunteer, who was awarded the NYSC Most Outstanding Male Corps Member in Ijumu Local Government during his national youth service in Nigeria. He can be reached directly via tadewunmi@isgpp.com.ng.

Mikita HanetsMikita Hanets

Mikita Hanets is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Lewis & Clark College in the United States. His research interests include the study of extremism, democratization and authoritarian regimes with a predominant focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Mikita completed an internship in the U.S. Congress and has a background in American politics. He employs both quantitative and qualitative methods for his research.

Rory MondsheinRory Mondshein

Rory Mondshein is a MSc in Human Rights candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science. After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Social Policy from Bard College in 2014, Rory has been involved in local, state, national, and international projects relating to public policy, journalism, and incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into all levels of government. She currently serves as the Founder and CEO of her mobile application company, Make It Appn, which centralises social services and allows users to book homeless shelters for those in need. Rory’s research interests include: the economics of exclusion as a case for Human Rights, comparative public policy, technology and human rights, and political communication. She presented her research in Russia, USA, UK, Hungary, Finland, and Norway.

F17lorian Stolpe

Florian holds a B.A. in Political Sciences and Law and an M.Sc. in Peace and Development Work. He is currently studying towards a post-graduate degree in peace and security studies at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy in Hamburg, Germany. His research focusses on the nexus of development, conflict, and security with an emphasis on governance issues that contribute to the stabilization of fragile contexts and post-war settings. He aims for comparative analyses of case studies. Florian has worked in a policy advice programme for the German development cooperation and as a freelance consultant on topics of his expertise. Florian is an active a peer reviewer for POLITIKON and contributed (i.a.) to the 2017 IAPSS World Congress as a discussant and paper presenter.


Dobbs_PhotoKirstie Lynn Dobbs

Kirstie Lynn Dobbs is currently a PhD candidate in Global Politics at Loyola University Chicago with an emphasis in comparative politics, global governance, foreign policy analysis and a minor in American politics. Her research focuses on revolutionary and post-revolutionary behavior with an emphasis on youth. Her dissertation investigates the political behavior of revolutionary youth in the aftermath of regime change, with a specific focus on Tunisia after the Arab Spring. Integrating quantitative statistical methods with qualitative interview responses is the chosen methodological approach for this dissertation. Outside of the field of comparative politics, she serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Ece KuralZubeyde Ece Kural

PhD Candidate in International Relations, Stockholm University. Her research interests are climate policies, environmental politics and international organizations.


JeongWoo LeeJeongWoo Lee

JeongWoo is MA candidate of Korea University, South Korea and holds BA of political science from Kangwon National University, South Korea. He committed his research at Nagasaki University, Japan with a support of Japan Student Support Organization(JASSO) from 2014 to 2015 about the American occupation of Korea. His BA thesis is about the American occupational policy on activities of political parties, 1945-1948. He is currently concentrating on quantitative method and cabinet duration of presidential democracies in East Asia for his master.