Theme: “New Threats to Security”

The understanding of the concept of security has changed in the past decades in both the developed and the developing world. States and non-state actors have followed different paths in the development of national, regional and global security. Transformative waves are expressed in revolutionary movements, domestic, transnational, and interstate conflicts. As the world has become more complex and interdependent, new threats to security have emerged, such as cyber threats, asymmetric warfare, failed states, climate change, economic fragility, public health issues, and population displacement. These threats prompt the need for a new conceptualization of security.

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague aims to bring together students, scholars and experts from across the globe and across political science and its related disciplines to discuss the challenges these new threats pose.

Program Structure

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 aims at both providing students of political science, international relations and related disciplines a platform to present their work and research within a variety of student panels, and bringing you together with experts from the academia, politics, the media and civil society to discuss and examine topics and issues around the Convention’s theme New Threats to Security – in-depth.

Each day (September 21 – 24) is divided in 4 time slots of 90 minutes length each. 7 time slots are exclusively reserved for a series of student panels running parallel. Three to five students will present their research and work in form of short paper presentations at each panel, facilitated by a panel chair, a panel discussant and the audience present.

At a number of high profile lectures we will bring you together with leading political scientists of our time, in an open atmosphere enabling both the speaker and the audience to discuss the lecture’s topic freely and without limits of thinking.

3 time slots of again 90 minutes length each are scheduled for a number of expert sessions. A highly interactive environment will enable you and the academic guests to elaborate on concepts, theories and arguments in-depth.

A preliminary programme will be published here by early August 2015, with detailed information on the topics of the sessions and the speakers featured.

Special Features

The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 will be officially inaugurated with a festive Opening Session in the morning of September 21, followed by the key note hold by a high-profile speaker.

After the ultimate highlight of the program, the Oxford Style Debate, the IAPSS Excutive Committee and the IAPSS Congress Management will officially close the Convention during a festive Closing Session, summing up the four days of the Convention’s academic programme (September 21 – 24). During the closing session, the winner of the second IAPSS Award for Academic Excellency will be announced!