IAPSS Study Trip participants in Tunis, Tunisia, July 2014.

Pictured above: the international group of the IAPSS Study Trip to Tunisia, June 2014.

In 2013, the IAPSS Executive Committee conceptualized a new event format – IAPSS Study Trips – to enlarge and diversify the Association’s portfolio of events.

IAPSS Study Trips aim at bringing a limited number of political science students together with stakeholders of all spheres, branches and levels in a selected country focussing on one or a number of issues relevant the contemporary study of politics. Typically, between 20 and 30 students travel together with two IAPSS Study Trip Coordinators for a duration of four days to two weeks – depending on both the topic and chosen destination.

The trips comprise institutional visits, meetings with key politicians and journalists, actors from domestic and international bureaucracies, lobbying groups and business representatives, the diplomatic arena and artists. The diversity of stakeholders enables the group to shed light on the selected issues not from one (subjective), but from multiple perspectives, leading to a better understanding of the complexity of policy-making, political behaviour, conflicts and addressed problems in the country visited.

Every IAPSS Study Trip is accompanied by a social evening program. We discover the key sights, party in hip bars and clubs, enjoy local food in traditional eatieries, get to know the cultural scene and – if weather and destination allow – even take in a bath in the nearby sea.

Destinations of of previous IAPSS Study Trips include Brussels (visited annually), Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia, the United States and Madrid.

Find all IAPSS Study Trips scheduled for 2015 here.

In case of further questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our Study Trip Coordinators at: studytrips@iapss.org.


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