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What Can You Expect?

The IAPSS World Congress 2017 aims at both providing students of political science, international relations and related disciplines a platform to present their work and research within a variety of student panels, and bringing you together with experts from the academia, politics, the media and civil society to discuss and examine topics and issues around the Congress theme “The Meaning of Politics” in depth.

This year we will be expecting around 110 panelists with 21 student-run panels. Each day (April 4 – 8) is divided in 4 time slots of 90 minutes length each. 7 time slots are exclusively reserved for a series of student panels running parallel. Three to five students will present their research and work in form of short paper presentations at each panel, facilitated by a panel chair, a panel discussant and the audience present.

At a number of high profile lectures we will bring you together with leading political scientists of our time, in an open atmosphere enabling both the speaker and the audience to discuss the topic of the lectures freely and without limits of thinking. In the morning sessions, a wide range of events is scheduled, such as roundtables. A highly interactive environment will enable you and the academic guests to elaborate on concepts, theories and arguments in depth.

The academic program will be supplemented by a variety of social events, enabling you to relax in the evenings and meet fellow students and the organizers in an informal setting.

On April 8 there is no academic program, instead all members of IAPSS are welcome to attend the General Assembly – the highest decision-making body of the association. The future will be discussed and elections to the IAPSS Executive Committee will be held. As a member, you have voting rights, and we look forward to your presence and contribution to the future of IAPSS.

You will receive the final program of the IAPSS World Congress 1 week prior to the event. A PDF version will also be made available.


Tuesday, April 4

09:30 – 11:00 | Opening Session, with Welcome Message by Carsten Schneider (CEU) and Opening Keynote Speech by Zoltan Miklosi (CEU), “The Right to Exclude”.

14:30 – 16:00 | Congress Keynote Speechby Bo Rothstein (University of Oxford): “Guilty as charged? Human well-being and the unsung relevance of political science”.

Wednesday, April 5

09:30 – 11:00 | Expert Talks: Migration Panelwith representatives from MigrationAid, UNHCR and IOM, moderated by Charlotte Hammer (IAPSS Academic Think Tank).

14:30 – 16:00 | Lectureby Professor Christian W. Haerpfer (IPSA, University of Vienna): “The Meaning of Political Participation. Methodology and Measurement”.

Thursday, April 6

10:30 – 12:00 | Workshopby Bruno Castanho Silva (CEU)

: Experimental design in research.

Read the following article prior to the workshop: Imbens, Guido W., and Donald B. Rubin. 2015. Causal Inference for Statistics, Social, and Biomedical Sciences: an Introduction. New York: Cambridge University Press, Chapter 1.

14:30 – 16:00 | Lectureby Dr. Petri Koikkalainen (ECPR, University of Lapland): “The missing link between ideas and institutions? How political science has made itself less relevant”.

Friday, April 7

09:30 – 11:00 | Lectureby Andrei Miroiu & Radu-Alexandru Cucută (NUPSA Bucarest)

: “Morality and Violence: Building Political Identity in 21st Century Communities”.

14:30 – 16:00 | Special Expert Panel | To be announced 1 week prior to the World Congress