IAPSS Ambassadors

From Radio Interviews in Morocco to IAPSS Presentations in Russia to one-on-one talks in Turkey, we, the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) Ambassadors, are all over the globe promoting IAPSS!

Join our pool of ambassadors all over the world and promote our Association to your friends or classmates in your local schools, colleges or universities. Please send an email to international@iapss.org or campaign@iapss.org for more information.


Miray Keskin
Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey

Miray is an undergraduate student in Istanbul, Yeditepe University. Her department is Political Science and International Relations. Her BA thesis focuses on Turkish- Syrian Relations after 9/11 on a theoretical basis. She is interested in International Relations (IR) theory. In the light of this, she tries to analyse Turkish foreign policy by regarding major IR theories which are Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism. To begin with 2015, Miray generally attended in academic conferences which organized by IAPSS as a paper presenter. Since September 2016, she gives necessary information about the structure of the IAPSS and future conferences to university students as an IAPSS Ambassador of Turkey.

Lea Poórová
University of Vienna, Austria/University of Warwick, England (2016/2017)

Lea is studying Political Science in her third year as an undergraduate at the University of Vienna, currently involved in an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Warwick. She got engaged with IAPSS as a first year student on an Autumn Convention and since then she supports the concept and values of the association. In her case IAPSS was a starting point for a broader understanding of her studies, finding the most international friends and rising awareness of important issues.

Berfu Tarcan
Sciences Po Paris, France

Berfu was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1994. She has graduated from Political Science and International Relations at Yeditepe University. She will start her MA in International Security at Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs in September 2017. Her interests go through security and conflict resolution. Specifically, she is interested in the African continent. Her bachelor’s degree thesis regards on the effects of disarmament policies on human security issues in Northern Mali. She has been a member of IAPSS since 2015, where she attended the Autumn Convention in Prague and the World Congress 2016 in Berlin as a paper presenter. Currently, she is running the Ambassador project in Turkey and she is planning to contribute to the project from Paris for the next season.

Rebecca Dew
University of Queensland, Australia

Ever since taking part in the Oxford-style debate on the final day of the 2016 IAPSS World Congress in Berlin, Rebecca has been committed to helping generate student awareness and engagement for IAPSS events and activities in Australia – and in Brisbane, in particular. Raised in New Zealand and educated in Hawaii, Rebecca has experience marketing, organizing and coordinating groups, conferences and events of up to 200 people. Her international experiences and familiarity with relating to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures ensures that she is a suitable representative for IAPSS in Australia. With interests in epistemic engagement, meaning acquisition and the discursive formations and practices of identity – and a strong dash of expertise on twentieth-century political theorist Hannah Arendt – Rebecca is currently wrapping up her PhD in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland, where she helps host films, organize conferences and deliver lectures on political ideas, ideology and modernity.

Scott Patterson
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria

Scott Patterson is a Master of Advanced International Studies candidate at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. His current research areas include intelligence cooperation, European Integration, and Transatlantic security issues. Before moving to Vienna, Scott worked as a freelance English teacher in Frankfurt, Germany, and as a communications consultant in Chicago, USA. While pursuing his BA in Political Science at Penn State University, Scott conducted research on Latin American dictatorships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and participated in a student exchange at the London School of Economics. Scott joined IAPSS after attending the 2016 Paris Study trip and hopes to help the organisation bridge the Transatlantic divide!

Görkem Çeviker
Cyprus International University, Cyprus

Görkem is a senior year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the department of International Relations at Cyprus International University. Although he appreciates the importance of international security, his studies are primarily focused on the issues of international relations concerning immigration and environment. Currently, he serves on his University’s General Council as a student representative and also takes part in local communities to foster cooperation among Greek and Turkish citizens. He heard about the IAPSS for the first time back in September 2016 and became a member. Since then, Görkem wishes to play an active role in association by attending to the upcoming events in the future.

Rose Joy Smith
Ural Federal University, Russia

Rose graduated with a double degree in AB Political Science and AB European Studies from the Ateneo de Manila University. While taking her master’s degree in Political Philosophy at the Ural Federal University in Russia, she attended her first IAPSS event, which was the 2016 IAPSS World Congress in Berlin. Since then, she has joined various events such as the Winter School in Cyprus and the Study Trip in Moscow. She is currently writing her thesis on the promoted Russian national identity and its relation to foreign policy. Her research interests include politics and history in the post-Soviet space, postcolonial theory, and discourse analysis. Before moving to Russia, she spent more than a year in Chilean Patagonia working as a Communications Manager in a sports company. Aside from speaking Filipino, English, and Spanish, Rose is currently learning Russian and French.