Application & Fee for IAPSS Membership

IAPSS membership comes at a student-friendly fee. Our objective is to provide high quality services and opportunities in political science accessible for all students regardless their origin, social status and financial means. In order to support students from less privileged backgrounds, we offer a reduced fare for a wide range of countries. The fees for a year long (365 days from the day of purchase) and a two-year long membership come at (730 days from the day of purchase):

  • 15.00 EUR (1-year) / 25.00 EUR (2-year): for students from Europe (excl. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), the Russian Federation, Turkey, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Israel
  • 10.00 EUR (1-year) / 15.00 EUR (2-year): for students from all other countries

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