Becoming a member of IAPSS – as an association or as an individual – comes along with many benefits. Joining IAPSS means joining the biggest network of political science students in the world. You will profit not only from our events and academic services but also from the exchange of ideas and synergies created by working together with students from all over the world. Take a look on this overview of what an IAPSS Membership can offer you!

Membership benefits

  • Enjoy priority access to the IAPSS World Congress, the IAPSS Autumn Convention, IAPSS Study Trips and the IAPSS Summer School and IAPSS Winter School
  • Present your paper in front of hundreds of political science students during an IAPSS event
  • Apply for IAPSS travel grants, provided to students presenting a paper, chairing or discussing at a panel at an IAPSS conference
  • Benefit from one month of premium access to our publications POLITIKON (4 issues p.a.) and Encuentro Latino Americano (2 issues p.a.) before it is launched to the wider public
  • Join one of the editorial boards of our publications listed above, as well as A Different View, our online international affairs blog
  • Publish a research paper or your thesis with one of our journals or at an IAPSS conference
  • Join or create an IAPSS Research Committee enabling students to network, discuss and jointly work on research projects and publications independently with organisational support provided by the IAPSS Academic Department
  • Take part in one of the IAPSS Delegations to international renowned political science conferences, such as the IPSA World Congress, the ISA Convention, the ECPR General Conference or the APSA Annual Meeting
  • Receive our exclusive bi-monthly publication “IAPSS News & Opportunities”, with a selection of IAPSS News as well as a wide variety of interesting opportunities in political science, such as scholarships, Master’s and PhD programmes, seasonal schools and conferences, internships and jobs
  • Access to our online platform MyIAPSS where you can purchase tickets for all IAPSS events in our web store, submit abstracts, papers and access …
  • Attend an IAPSS General Assembly, the highest decision-making body of the Association, and decide on the portfolio, budget and future of IAPSS together with hundreds of other fellow students

We are striving to extending our services for members continuously. For 2015, we plan to enable you to post Call for Papers / Call for Applications as well as job and internship offerings to other members on the IAPSS website and newsletter, and a database where you can post your resumé.


A Diverse Student Network

IAPSS encourages the exchange and networking of students of political science. During our conferences and events, you will meet and discuss with people from over 85 countries. More than 40 young academic talents work in the editorial / authorial boards of our publications. In an ever faster changing world, the IAPSS network will give you the unique opportunity to experiencing different perspectives on political and scientific issues from all over the place.

Academic Services: Publish and Present Your Work

IAPSS gives you the chance to publish your papers and improve your research and writing skills. Our internationally published journals POLITIKON and Encuentro Latino Americano (ELA) as well as A Different View, our online blog on international affairs, offer possibilities for students of political science and young scholars to publish and present their work. Furthermore IAPSS’ own Academic Think Tank is a ideal structure to work with fellow students on joint publications, to participate in insightful academic debate and to enhance you academic skills. Or, apply for an IAPSS Delegation and travel to the conference of one of our reknown international partners in political science such as IPSA, ECPR, APSA or ISA and participate in a section / panel hosted by IAPSS.

A Wide Range of Events

IAPSS offers a wide range of international conferences and events, ranging from our largest annual event, the IAPSS World Congress, to our IAPSS Autumn Convention, the annual IAPSS Summer School and IAPSS Winter School and various IAPSS Study Trips to international destinations throughout the year. Debate, exchange and network with people from across the globe and dive into a vibrant international community of political science students. Meet with leading political scientists and political figures of our time and can exchange your thoughts and ideas with them. That’s not enough? Well, we even offer a range of travel grants for those who present a paper, chair or discuss at at panel at an IAPSS conference!

So You Want to Join?

Great! You have made an excellent choice!

The fee for an annual IAPSS Membership is student-friendly and takes into account global disparities. Individuals pay either 15.00 EUR (for students from Europe*, Turkey, the Russian Federation, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Israel) or 10.00 EUR (for all other countries).

Political Science Student Associations pay either 100.00 EUR (for associations from Europe*, Turkey, the Russian Federation, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Israel) or 70.00 EUR (for all other countries).

* excludes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

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